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Who says you can't work with family? Capital Chics was established from a long time relationship between Sisters-in-law that developed through a crises. As we were supporting one another through the chaos, God was forming a unique relationship and bond that neither of us knew we would need well beyond that situation and time.

We have learned over the years that we have most of the same goals, dreams, ambitions and drive to see them through. However, there were times when we got off the path that was set for us, but we ended up right back where we belonged - in business together, helping others succeed at what we so strongly believe will positively impact families in our communities, and solve one of the biggest epidemics known to our culture. Not poverty, but misinformation. We believe that if we could inform our community by educating them on the simple principles of financial literacy, we can make an unbelievable difference in the whole world! One client at a time...  

Our Team
Shalisa Lee-Still, CEO

Shalisa@CapitalChics.com | Phone: 336-209-0851

Dr. Still brings over 25 years of experience in Education and Finance to our team. She has an in depth understanding of the industry and because of her child hood experiences, is filled with a great passion for eliminating poverty and the poverty mindset. Dr. Still's motto is"To know is just not enough". With a passion to serve Dr. Still is ready to help you realize your full potential and move you forward.

Angela Geter, CFO

Angela@CapitalChics.com | Phone: 864-906-1054

Angela brings more than 23 years of experience in financial services to our team. Angela's passion is to help others realize we are in control of our own destiny and starting where you are is the key. She holds to her motto for every client, "I can lead you to the promise land, but I can't make you stay there." With her passion for research  client satisfaction is her goal.



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