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Our 3 Main Objectives


Out-dated and Inaccurate

Personal Data On Your Credit Report

While the personal information reporting on your credit reports, such as your name, address, etc., may not affect your credit score it can still hurt you. How? Numerous addresses and name aliases on your credit report may increase your risk of identity theft. Also, too many addresses, phone numbers and jobs listed on your credit report may cause you to look unstable to lenders, which may in turn cause you to be denied credit. We will make sure you are only reporting your current information.


Inaccurate & Unverifiable

Credit or Collection  Account information

Many people are skeptical about "repairing" their credit because they think they are being dishonest. But, in actuality, it is the Credit Agencies who are being dishonest when they don't take the time to adhere to the laws and guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to make sure that the information they are reporting on your credit file is accurate, verifiable and not misleading. It is your RIGHT to monitor your credit information and take action when you see a violation.


Your Overall Credit Score & Reputation

When the two previous areas are corrected and monitored frequently, your credit worthiness as a consumer hits an all time high! You will experience a noticeable change in how creditors respond to you, a decrease in rates on your auto insurance, home utilities and credit card and loan interests. It is at this point when Capital Chics will take the opportunity to focus your attention on other financial aspects to encourage and assist you to continue your new found financial benefits and life style. Hopefully through your current or NEW business!

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Capital Chics has more than 15 years of experience with personal credit and are still educating ourselves every day. We are excited about the opportunity to service our city by adding more stability to the economic structure.


It is our desire that we gain your trust and service your family and friends as well. The more people we can help, increases our chances to be able to also create jobs!


Equifax Announces Cybersecurity Incident Involving Consumer Information

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